Stronger teams, healthier employees

Have a positive impact on your employees and business - employees are more productive, stay longer in the company, and lower absenteeism costs.


Mental Health Matters

Curious to see how workplace wellbeing benefits can lead to significant savings for your company? 

  • 69% employees

    Are experiencing burnout symptoms, while working from home

  • +$190 billion

    Burnout Is Now An Officially Diagnosable Condition, and it can cost you hundreds, thousands or even millions

  • 80% employees

    Would consider quitting their current position for a company that focuses more on employees' mental health

Get support on how to manage a healthier environment

Empower your people while managing your company's engagement and burnout risk. 

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Choose to work smarter

Manage many teams simultaneously with sense app. Ensure that your workforce can access the care they need, when and where they want it.

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    Enjoy our slackapp

    Personalized Wellbeing tracking: posture control, stretching, water tracking and virtual breaks.

  • Track your team's mental health

    Weekly or bi-weekly surveys to track team's mental wellbeing.

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