Stronger teams, healthier employees

No more guessing. Track measurable factors, and understand what needs to be improved inside your teams.

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Mental Health Matters

Curious to see how workplace wellbeing can lead to significant savings for your company? 

  • 69% employees

    Are experiencing burnout symptoms, while working from home

  • +$190 billion

    Burnout Is Now An Officially Diagnosable Condition, and it can cost you hundreds, thousands or even millions

  • 80% employees

    Would consider quitting their current position for a company that focuses more on employees' mental health

Empower your people with the right insights

Get a clear indicator of your team's mental health. Track measurable factors, and understand what needs to be improved.


Mental Wellbeing data

Sense collects data from 2 weekly surveys and translates mental wellbeing results into insights that help you understand your team’s environment: 

  • What to improve 
  • Best attributes
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Because your startup deserves the best

Dig deeper and understand what's affecting your team's mental wellbeing: Understand the key factors, causes, and processes are behind your team’s mental wellbeing.

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For growing teams: Up to 40 people
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